Thursday, November 13, 2008

TMtB and Peace One Day

My friend, Dallas artist Karen Blessen, co-founder of Today Marks the Beginning, illustrated the book, Peace One Day, authored
by Jeremy Gilley. You've gotta love it! This book is the story of how Peace Day happened. A portion of the 2008 International Peace Day report follows:

"In 2008, Peace One Day's aim was to see Peace Day activities take place in every UN member state. The passion and commitment of millions of people from all over the world made this year such an incredible success.

In Afghanistan, the U.N. reported that guns fell silent across the country on Peace Day. There were pledges by the US, NATO, the Afghan government and the Taliban to halt attacks. Furthermore, tens of thousands of international troops, Afghan soldiers and Taliban militants "stood down from offensive military operations in support of the biggest International Peace Day effort that Afghanistan has known." Government officials around the country reported no violence, and several credited Peace Day efforts. (Source: UNAMA - United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan)"

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