Sunday, February 8, 2009

Being 58 - a poem

I fly through the air with the the greatest of ease
The woman way up on the flying trapeze.

The body is older and wider than some
But healthy and vibrant up under the sun.

The mind is more thoughtful, reflective and calm
The heart grows wider spreading the balm.

My outlook is sunny and funny and true
I talk of the new age coming out of the blue.

I know days are coming perhaps full of despair
But I continue to fly way up in the air.


melanie said...

nice poem.nancy?m

melanie said...

are you there yet? what's it look like? what's for lunch?
did you remember to pack everything?

ippolito said...

ippolito is me, Lou Michaels. thanks for the comments. Take a look at the update on Rwanda