Sunday, March 22, 2009

Downtown Dallas Library Student Art Exhibit

J. Erik Jonsson Dallas Central Library (downtown) exhibits DIAMONDS from DUST: 152 portraits of Great Peacemakers. The collage portratraits were created by young artists in the MasterPEACE program of Today Marks the Beginning. The exhibit runs March through April with a special reception March 28, 10 - noon.

Students in two Dallas elementary schools and three afterschool programs created collage portraits of global peacemakers, resulting in this inspiring exhibit. The students were all participants in the MasterPEACE program of Today Marks the Beginning. The exhibit also includes 12 photographs by Dallas photographer John Katz, who captured the process.

Participating schools were Parish Episcopal and L.L. Hotchkiss Elementary. The three afterschool programs were at Whitney Young Elementary; J.L. Long Middle School and S.S. Conner Elementary. These afterschool lessons were done in conjunction with the Thriving Minds program of Big Thought.

The curriculum of MasterPEACE: Young Artists Making a Kinder World, focuses on combining peacemaking skills of non-violence with art experiences for the children. The particular lesson that inspired these portraits is titled "Great Peacemakers Like You and Me." The children were asked to make something out of nothing, just like these heroes who tackled extremely difficult situations. In the portraits, a bottle top could become an eye. A straw could become a nose; a piece of discarded jewelry, a hat.

All are invited!

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